Frequently Asked Questions

We want happy customers. That's why were pride ourselves on making the world's best sugar free chocolate. See below for answers to common questions.

About SkinnyMe

Why isn't SkinnyMe Chocolate at my local grocery store?

Why did you decide to manufacture a sugar free chocolate?

How long does it take to make a new chocolate flavor?

Is it true you had to move to a new facility to keep up with demand?

Do you sell SkinnyMe Chocolate outside the USA?

Do you have a wholesale and retail program?


Are all your SkinnyMe Chocolate sugar free?

What's the difference between sugar free and no sugar added?

Do you use the sugar substitute Maltitol in your chocolate?

Are SkinnyMe Chocolate gluten free?

Why does SkinnyMe Chocolate taste so delicious?

Where do I find the nutritional facts for SkinnyMe Chocolate?

Exchanges and Returns

Does SkinnyMe Chocolate offer a flavor guarantee?

Do you have a refund and return Policy?