Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your SkinnyMe Chocolates sugar free?

Yes, all of our delicious SkinnyMe Chocolates are sugar free! We spent approximately 6 months testing and retesting our chocolates until we found the perfect recipe that not only tasted amazing, but wasn't filled with unnecessary ingredients, like sugar. We received rave reviews from our independent panel of chiefs and culinary enthusiasts who fell in love with our chocolates- most couldn't even notice the difference!

Are SkinnyMe Chocolates Gluten Free?

SkinnyMe Chocolate Squares are 100% gluten free and do not come in contact with any machinery that processes wheat or gluten. However, SkinnyMe Truffles are processed on equipment that does occasionally handle gluten and wheat products. If you're looking for a sweet, sugar free treat that is gluten free, we suggest our SkinnyMe Chocolate Squares.

What made you decide to manufacture a sugar free chocolate?

In today's society we are constantly surrounded by sugar in one food or another. It became increasingly difficult to enjoy the foods we loved while trying to keep a healthy body in mind. Simply put, sugar is bad for your health and is one of the leading causes of obesity and other health related illnesses. We decided to stop depriving ourselves of our love for chocolate and create a delicious chocolate, with no sugar, no Maltitol, low in net carbs, gluten free and with zero guilt!

Is "No Sugar Added", the same as "Sugar Free"?

No 100% No ! "Sugar Free" and "No Sugar Added" does not mean the same thing. Some foods and chocolates can have as much sugar as a can soda and still be able to label it "No Sugar Added." When we say "Sugar Free" on our products we mean exactly that. Zero Sugar. Be careful of companies pretend to advertise no sugar added as its a careful trick to thinking you might be eating sugar free but that is false assumption.

Does your chocolate contain sugar alcohols like Maltitol?

SkinnyMe Chocolates do NOT contain any Maltitol. We spent a great deal of time perfecting our recipe so that it not only contained zero sugars, we also didn't want to include any ingredients we thought were unhealthy or harmful to the body. Maltitol is used by many other chocolate manufactures which can lead to their customers feeling stomach and abdominal pain, and other uncomfortable side effects that no one should have to suffer just to enjoy their love of chocolate. Instead, we chose an all-natural sweetener, Stevia, which not only allows our chocolates to taste amazing, it's actually good for you!

Why does your chocolate taste so delicious if you don't use sugar?

To keep our chocolates as healthy as possible while staying sugar free, we decided to use Stevia Extract to help sweeten our SkinnyMe Chocolates. There are many benefits of Stevia including the following reasons why it was our #1 choice:

1) Stevia rebaudina, its botanical name, is derived from a plant in the chrysanthemum family and grown primarily in South America and Asia.

2) In Stevia's pure form, its non-caloric (doesn't have calories) and doesn't affect your glucose levels which is advantageous for diabetics and hypoglycemic.

3) Stevia also has no carbohydrates or fat, so it's perfect for dieters, especially those watching their carbohydrate intake.

How can I update or pause my subscription?

You can easily and effortless update your SkinnyMe Chocolate subscription at any time in your SkinnyMe Chocolate account. You can try a new flavor each month and even schedule when you'd like your next box to ship! If you need help with your account or assistance in any way, please don't hesitate to call us at 1.855.354.6917 and we'll be happy to assist you!

Can I order chocolate without a subscription?

You can order SkinnyMe Chocolates at any time on our main page. However, if you're a chocolate lover and connoisseur and want to try out our SkinnyMe Chocolates, FOR FREE, the SkinnyMe Chocolate Trial is an easy and cost effective way to do so.