Combat a night of bad sleep

Combat a night of bad sleep

We've all been there...

Experienced a sleepless night and then had to suffer through a jam-packed day of commitments and work.

Well, if you find yourself facing a full day on little to no sleep, we've got some suggestions to help you get through your day.

The following tips may not make your fatigue disappear entirely, but they can seriously combat the damage and provide a little relief.

Say no to coffee.
This may be surprising, but coffee isn't the best thing after a night of no sleep.

Coffee can suppress your appetite and jack-up your stress hormones. This can increase your exhaustion and encourage you to rely on the coffee for energy, rather than nourishment from real food.

Prepare an energy-boosting concoction
Steep 2 cups of hot water with your favorite herbal tea, juice from half of a lemon and 1-2 drops stevia.

Refrigerate overnight and enjoy in the AM. Looking for some uplifting teas? Try ginger, licorice, rosehip or gingko.

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Shower in cold water
A short stint in a cold shower will get your blood flowing and increase your alertness. At the end of your shower, turn the water temperature to cold for 30 seconds.

Eat within the hour
Your body is in a state of stress after not sleeping. Don't force your hormones to work any harder than they need to by withholding food. Be sure to eat within an hour of waking up and curve your chances of crashing later.