Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate

There are a few things that everyone knows about chocolate.

The first one is obvious - It’s delicious.

And second - This little guilty pleasure probably isn’t the best idea to be eating all the time!

But that’s not the case for ALL chocolate.

You’ve probably heard that some varieties can help boost brain power and are packed with important nutrients but how do you tell the difference between healthy chocolate and the not-so-healthy kinds?

The easiest place to start is here - Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate.

Milk chocolate is typically the one we associate with not being so good for you. It normally has more sugar, more carbohydrates, less fiber and inferior vitamin and mineral content.

Dark chocolate on the other hand can have four times the fiber content, a small percentage of the sugar and carbohydrate calories, but also gives your body a boost with its natural vitamin and minerals. What’s even better is that dark chocolate helps you feel fuller and more satisfied faster, meaning you can consume far less of it and still kick that chocolaty craving!

But perhaps there’s a far more important quality to look for in a chocolate besides if it’s dark or milk chocolate.

Sugar Content

At SkinnyMe Chocolate we’ve perfected the finest Belgian dark chocolate to not only give you all the benefits we mentioned above, but it’s also 100% sugar free. By crafting a delicious, creamy chocolate (that’s nearly considered a health food) without the toxic sugar, we’re allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of dark chocolate while helping you keep your sugar intake, and maybe even weight, in check! SkinnyMe Chocolates are one of a kind… and not just because they taste amazing but because they can make you feel happy inside without feeling guilty.

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