How To Attract Happy

How To Attract Happy

If you’re looking for new ways to develop inner happiness and let more light into your life – there are simple ways of doing so. Yoga teachings say to love yourself, be open to learning and to make choices that will support your well-being. Instead of looking for happiness from external sources and being left in a constant state of disappointment, find it within.

Love and respect yourself

Oftentimes we are bogged down by the continual stream of thoughts of what is currently going wrong in our lives, rather than what’s going well. Sometimes it’s hard to see things clearly and to recognize that we have everything we need within ourselves. Focus on the good and the best in you and what you offer – count your blessings. Gratitude can create happiness. Try writing down what makes you special, or happy, or what you’re thankful for. When you’re feeling down, re-read that list. Make time for yourself.

Shift your perspective

Keep an open mind and always be open and willing to learn something new or unexpected. You’ll feel nourished with new ideas and perspectives and, in turn, be able to share your new findings with others. Travel, socialize and visit galleries, museum and workshops to spark your imagination and creativity.

Make choices for yourself

Take the time needed to evaluate and re-evaluate the choices you make for your life. It’s important that you’re spending your resources – whether it be money, time or emotional effort – on things that will support your overall well-being. Choose to engage in activities and with people who lift you up and leave you feeling refreshed and energetic.

Put good thoughts in your mind and it will attract the same. Create the life you want, starting from the inside out.