Increase your Happiness

Increase your Happiness

Have you ever thought about approaching your life as a designer would to a new project? By applying simple principles of design, such as structure, organization and analytical problem-solving – you might be able to find the answers to several questions in your life. No matter where you are in life – it’s time to start laying the foundation for the life you want. Just like any designer would – and build on from there.

Pay attention

Be sure to pay attention to the clues in front of you and make your way forward with the tools you have at hand. The first clues for finding your direction are engagement and energy. When you learn which activities reliably engage you, you're discovering and articulating something very helpful in thinking about your future. Designers have a bias to action—which is just another way of saying that we do things and don't just think about things. Tracking when you are and aren't engaged and energized will help you discover what's really working for you.

Find your flow

Flow is that state of being in which time stands still, you're totally engaged in an activity, and the challenge of that particular activity matches your skill — you're neither bored nor anxious. Once you have a handle on where your energy goes every week, you can start redesigning your activities to maximize vitality. Life design is about getting more out of your current life — not necessarily redesigning a whole new life.

Good Time Journal

To help you figure out where your energy is going every week, create a Good Time Journal. There are two elements to your journal: an activity log (where you record when you're engaged and energized. Life is too short to remain stuck. These are great steps to gain control over your personal and professional life and becoming a happier, more fulfilled person. Increase your chances of feeling good with your favorite SkinnyMe Chocolate!