Motivate Yourself with Moderation

Motivate Yourself with Moderation

It’s no wonder people are so confused when it comes to being healthy and getting in shape.

We are constantly bombarded with contradictory information – either telling us to do the least amount of work possible or, push yourself to the absolute breaking point. So, which one is right?

Unfortunately, for those that choose to follow extreme methods or approaches to a healthy lifestyle, neither works long-term. Too little work rarely brings about enough change to keep you motivated to continue with this approach, and the “too much” strategy results in mental and physical burn out.

Extreme approaches to fitness seldom result in fitness gains. However, by pushing our bodies to their limits at some point, we are able to discover our strengths and weaknesses and where our boundaries lie. It is then that we can truly know our bodies and how we should challenge ourselves on a daily basis.

Once we find that boundary, we must be careful not to overdo it. Knowing your boundaries can help you avoid extremes and keep you healthy and safe.

When it comes to exercise, consistency is key. It’s not about doing a little bit, it’s about doing a little bit a lot. It’s important to focus on quality and consistency and seek out that “sweet spot” in the middle. If you go too easy all of the time, no change will occur. If you push your body too hard, you’ll see change, but it won’t be sustainable.

You can and should still engage in easier workouts as well as difficult ones, but not exclusively and never at the expense of your health. Overall theme? Excessive moderation – manageable, yet motivating.

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