Do thoughts make you age faster?

Do thoughts make you age faster?

Aging is inevitable.

But, could you be getting older just with your thoughts?

Most of us haven't heard of telomeres, but they're a pretty big part of the aging process.

They're the fragment of DNA that keeps our chromosomes from damaging each other, which can lead to cell malfunction.

Every time a cell divides or gets damaged, telomeres get shorter...until they're eventually gone. The length of our telomeres determines when a cell should die.

Scientists have found that certain negative thought patterns can shorten telomeres, leading to cells aging and dying earlier.

We all experience bad days. But this study is an important reminder that we must not let negativity take over our minds. Be diligent with your mental health, and keep yourself physically healthy.

So, what do we do?

Work through stressful thoughts in a productive way by practicing "mind exercises" like mindfulness and meditation. These mental exercises can also help reduce stress.

Exercise not only strengthens our bodies, but can strengthen our telomeres as well. Working out also gives us a big boost of endorphins, which help us feel better.

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While thoughts could be damaging our telomeres, food can play a role too. Be aware of what you're feeding your cells, and be sure you're getting your fair share of antioxidants.

At the end of the day, negativity doesn't help anything. Try your hardest to put on a smile and the benefits will follow!.