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SkinnyMe Zero
Sugar Chocolate

About SkinnyMe

We decided to create our own
zero sugar chocolate

Our story starts in 2015 with finding a way to make a premium chocolate that not only tastes great, but is good for you without all the harmful effects of sugar. We at SkinnyMe, are a health focused group as a whole and avoiding sugar has been a part of our diets for a while, which makes it difficult to enjoy any of the sweeter things in life. Through our research and development, we found only a small amount of zero sugar chocolates on the market, but none of which were sweetened with Stevia Leaf extract which is the only sweetener any of us used on a regular basis. Most of the zero sugar products available were sweetened with Maltitol and other artificial sweeteners which we knew had negative long term heath effects. So the task was simple or at least we thought. Just make a chocolate sweetened with Stevia and people will love it!!!! Actually it's not that easy.

Stevia, as it turns out, is nothing like regular sugar. The process of sweetening chocolate with Stevia is a little different. We spent over a year with our chocolatier working on the initial dark chocolate recipe to get the flavor profile and smooth texture our customers would expect in a premium chocolate. In late 2015 after thousands of recipe changes with multiple failed attempts we finally had a dark chocolate we loved, and we were ready to see if our customers would love it as well. Everyone around us who tasted it, loved it so we were certain it would be a hit. There was a lot of love going around.

We started with 1 flavor and packaging size. After only a couple months the demand skyrocketed. We were right, people love it! 6 years later, we have an ever-growing product line of zero sugar bars, squares, peanut butter cups and soon hot cocoa. We have faced many obstacles along the way, but nothing deterred us from our commitment to making a premium chocolate with zero sugar that tastes great. We hope you enjoy all our chocolates as much as we do!! Thanks to everyone who has helped support us and we look forward to many new products to bring you in the future.